Accommodation Facility, Arusha, Tanzania
    Kilimanjaro, The Mountain of Greatness
    Zebras and Wildebeest in Serengeti National Park
    Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti National Park
    Maasai young women in a traditional dress
    Zanzibar beach, the honeymoon holiday destination
    Maasai Moran and Maasai women in Ngorongoro
    Lion tracking and nature adventure
    Girrafes family in Tarangire, The African pride
    Lion male, The King of the jugle
    Enjoy cultural moments with Maasai women
    Enjoy bird life and nature walk tourism
     Sunset in one of Tanzania wildeness destination

Western Breach

Itinerary Summary

Get to the top of Africa via Shira Route. It is a difficult route that begins in the west Kilimanjaro at Shira Gate (Londorosi Gate). It is an ideal choice for experienced climbers who are confident about their ability to trek the great Kilimanjaro via the most difficult and challenging route. You must obtain enough acclimatization to altitude, and to walk over steeper… Continue reading