Accommodation Facility, Arusha, Tanzania
    Kilimanjaro, The Mountain of Greatness
    Zebras and Wildebeest in Serengeti National Park
    Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti National Park
    Maasai young women in a traditional dress
    Zanzibar beach, the honeymoon holiday destination
    Maasai Moran and Maasai women in Ngorongoro
    Lion tracking and nature adventure
    Girrafes family in Tarangire, The African pride
    Lion male, The King of the jugle
    Enjoy cultural moments with Maasai women
    Enjoy bird life and nature walk tourism
     Sunset in one of Tanzania wildeness destination

Experienced guides; We have experienced guides who have undergone first aid training.

Emergency oxygen; For all our climbs we carry emergency oxygen incase its needed.

Food on mountain; We take the extra mile to ensure that you get the best meals whilst on the mountain.  Fresh vegetable & fruits are maintained each day and re-supplies sent on the mountain.  High liquid and carbohydrate contents are keenly adopted on the menus – essential for mountain climbs.  For those with dietary needs, we stick to their needs.

Breakfast –  seasonal fresh fruit (mango/banana/watermelon), porridge, cooked eggs, bacon and toast. Energy snacks are provided for the daily walk such as biscuits, bananas, and chocolate bars.
Lunch – either packed lunch on longer days or, more usually, a hot lunch served in camp by a small team who have raced ahead of the clients. A hot lunch consists of soup, bread or pancakes, cheese, tuna, jam, peanut butter, pasta salad and cake.

Late afternoon – hot drinks and snacks such as peanuts or popcorn are served.
Dinner – three courses: soup and bread, followed by a main dish, which could be rice, potatoes or pasta, with fish, meat or vegetables, and  dessert, which often is fruit.

Boiled water – offered each evening for filling water bottles and is readily available at mealtimes.

We also avail a selection of hot drinks, such as tea, coffee and cocoa at meal times.

We recommend  that you drink about 4 -5 litres of fluid each day, which helps altitude acclimatization.
Quality camping equipments

We provide quality camping equipments.  The tents are warm, waterproof, and roomy.

There is always a bowl of hot washing water for you in the morning and again after the walk in the afternoon with an exception at the highest camp where there is no water source and hence all water must be carried from a lower level by porters.

communal mess tent with folding stools, tables and gas lanterns. For climbs with 1 or 2 people the mess tent is shared between staff and clients. All groups of 3 or more have a separate mess tent.

Toilet tent; A private toilet tent is provided


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