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Mahale Mountains National Park Mahale Mountains National Park1 Mahale Mountains National Park2

Wild chimps await to welcome you at Mahale National Park.  Other animal features here include red colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys, and some colourful forest birds.

The montane rainforest belt coupled with high grassy ridges & alpine bamboo is a natural beauty that attracts many tourists. The world’s longest & second deepest freshwater lake is unique for its over 1,000 fish species.

About Mahale Mountains National Park
Size: 1,613 sq km (623 sq miles).
Location: Western Tanzania, bordering Lake Tanganyika.

How to get there
We can arrange shared charter flight from Arusha to Mahale.

Chimp tracking (allow two days); hiking; camping safaris; snorkelling; fish for your dinner.

Best time to visit
Dry season (May-October) best for forest walks although no problem in the light rains of October/November.

There are luxury tented camps & campsites.