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There are no technical skills required  tackle any of the routes. For the most part, the trails are very steady and safe.   We realise that each route has its own advantages & disadvantages.  Some easy and some are hard.  We have gone the extra mile to help you decide which route would best suit you depending on your capability & comfort to maximise your chances of summiting.

Marangu route;  6 day also known as the “Coca-Cola” route.

  • This is the only route that has the luxury of sleeping huts along the way.
  • The route is popular for its comfort  while undertaking this classic trek.
  • Regarded as the least difficult of routes, Marangu is the most popular route on Kilimanjaro.
    Gentle slope; It has a gentle slope for the first several days, prior to the tough summit attempt from Kibo Hut.



Machame route:

  • Forest; It is richest forested area on the mountain.
  • Lush and beautiful; BUT also gets very muddy during the wet season


Lemosho route:

  • The eight days trek itinerary allows for maximum time for acclimatisation.
  • Improved chances of reaching the summit & allows time to enjoy variety of scenery in the different climatic zones.
  • This is one of the least trekked routes & one can really savor the immense wilderness of the Shira Plateau, with stunning views of the glaciers on the crater rim.
    Shira Cathedral
    -less travelled Lemosho route
    -High Success Rate 98%
    -traversing beautiful forests and moorlands



Rongai route: 

  • The Rongai route is a more gradual ascent, and is therefore preferred by those with little or no backpacking experience.
  • Less traffic



Shira route:

  • This route is recommended for those with backpacking experience and those seeking a more challenging adventure.


Umbwe route;

It gets very muddy especially during the rainy season.


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