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Northern Circuit

Destination Arusha, find all itineraries for climbing, wildlife and culture plus related activities in Northern Tanzania and especially in Arusha

The Amani Nature Reserve is popular for its vast Botanical Gardens – the largest in Africa.   It occupies an area of 350 hectares.  Botany at its peak is experienced here where there is very diverse of floristic composition 2012 vascular plant species per hactre.

The Usambara Mountains in northeastern Tanzania posses the same type of biological diversity that I learned to appreciate… Continue reading

Come and visit this alkaline lake which attracts many tourists.  The Hadzabe, a small group of bushmen are native to this area.   For those interested in cultural tours, it would be interesting to experience a tour of the Hadzabe lifestyle, you would get to join the group hunting with bow & arrows, eating wild fruits – this tribe still lives in the… Continue reading

This park is situated on the slopes of Usambara Mountain ranges, it borders Tsavo West National Park in Kenya .  The climate is that of semi arid savannah that attracts wildlife features such us; elephant buffalo, giraffe, eland.

Interesting to find here is the endangered species black rhino (confined in a fenced santuary in a bid to protect the rhino population) & wild dog.… Continue reading

Situated at the African Rift Valley, north of Ngorongoro Crater and highland, it is characterised by escarpments & surrounded by volcanic mountains.  With Ol Donyo Lengai to its south, hiking offers an enticing activity to this active montain.  The local Maasai could take you for some walking activities.  Fly camping is also ideal as there are no permanent lodges & camps.

Uru… Continue reading

This park is about one and a half hours drive from Arusha.  It is famous for its variety of bird species estimated over 350.

Lake Manyara is characterised by wildlife such as elephant giraffe, lion, warthog & buffalo.

If you are an “activity” person please contact us and we could arrange; walking safaris outside the park night game drives & cultural safaris.

About Lake… Continue reading

This beautiful national park takes you about 2 hours drive from Arusha on a moderate speed and a tarmaced road.

You could enjoy game drives inside the park.  Tarangire is characterised by a variety of wildlife such us:-

herds of elephant,  hyena, leopard, buffalo, lion, cheetah, wild cat,  greater and lesser kudu, eland,  impala gazelle, zebra, waterbuck, bushbuck, warthog,  giraffe,… Continue reading

Serengeti National Park is the largest of the parks in Northern Tanzania Size: 14,763 sq km (5,700 sq miles). It is also the oldest and most popular of all the parks in Northern Tanzania.   It is known for its breathtaking wildlife.  The Serengeti plains is popular for its great number of cats; giraffe, elephant & rhino.

This park is famous for its… Continue reading













This famous place has bid declared as “one of the eight wonders of the world”!

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this breathtaking spot with beautiful views & wildlife.  In this area you will get a chance to see;

Ngorongoro Crater.  This is the largest unbroken caldera in the… Continue reading

If you are looking for a day trip adventure, look no further than Inside AfriKA!   We offer individual & group day trips to Arusha National Park.  Get to see the un-explored secrets at  Arusha National park with our experienced guides.

The drive to Arusha National Park  is about 50 minutes to the gate.  The views to to the park… Continue reading