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Destination Tanzania, find all itineraries for wildlife, cultural, climbing and beach holiday and related activities in Tanzania and East Africa

This is Tanzania’s third largest national park, located in the southwest of Tanzania.

Vegetation features in Katavi is a vast cover of  tangled brachystegia woodland, home to substantial but elusive populations of the localised eland, sable and roan antelopes. The main focus for game viewing within the park is the Katuma River and associated floodplains such as the seasonal Lakes Katavi and Chada. … Continue reading

Wild chimps await to welcome you at Mahale National Park.  Other animal features here include red colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys, and some colourful forest birds.

The montane rainforest belt coupled with high grassy ridges & alpine bamboo is a natural beauty that attracts many tourists. The world’s longest & second deepest freshwater lake is unique for its over 1,000 fish species.

About Mahale… Continue reading

This is the smallest of the parks in Tanzania’s national parks.The park is famous for chimpanzees thanks to Jane Goodall’s research program.

Other animal features here include colobus monkeys, olive baboons.  There are over 200 different bird species ranging from the iconic fish eagle to the jewel-like Peter’s twinspots that hop tamely around the visitors’ centre. ke like a sprawling city.

About Gombe Stream… Continue reading

For tourists interested in ecology & conservation this would be a good park to visit.  Not many tourists visit this park.

Wildlife population here includes; elephant, hippo, lion, eland, harvester, buffalo, giraffe.  Tree climbing lions exist here.  The endangered wild dogs

Vehicle photographic safaris are a popular activity here

About Mikumi National Park Size: 3,230 sq km (1,250 sq miles), the fourth-largest… Continue reading

This is Tanzania’s 2nd largest national park.  It covers a vast size of 10,300 sq km (3,980 sq miles).  It is located in Central Tanzania.

Popular for its vast number of wildlife, the park has about 10,000 elephants which makes it the leading in the East African national parks in elephant populations.  The Great Ruaha River crosses its eastern boundary.

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This tropical forest area offers a perfect spot for hiking & camping safaris.  Beautiful features here include the Sanje Waterfall which is 170 metres; Other beautiful land marks are the Luhombero Peak & Mwanihana Peak.

About Udzungwa Mountains National Park Size: 1,990 sq km (770 sq miles). Location: Five hours (350 km/215 miles) from Dar es Salaam; 65 kms (40 miles) southwest of Mikumi.… Continue reading

The Amani Nature Reserve is popular for its vast Botanical Gardens – the largest in Africa.   It occupies an area of 350 hectares.  Botany at its peak is experienced here where there is very diverse of floristic composition 2012 vascular plant species per hactre.

The Usambara Mountains in northeastern Tanzania posses the same type of biological diversity that I learned to appreciate… Continue reading

Come and visit this alkaline lake which attracts many tourists.  The Hadzabe, a small group of bushmen are native to this area.   For those interested in cultural tours, it would be interesting to experience a tour of the Hadzabe lifestyle, you would get to join the group hunting with bow & arrows, eating wild fruits – this tribe still lives in the… Continue reading

This park is situated on the slopes of Usambara Mountain ranges, it borders Tsavo West National Park in Kenya .  The climate is that of semi arid savannah that attracts wildlife features such us; elephant buffalo, giraffe, eland.

Interesting to find here is the endangered species black rhino (confined in a fenced santuary in a bid to protect the rhino population) & wild dog.… Continue reading